Monday, November 12, 2007

VIDEO: Writing Tips from Author Lia Scott Price, Part 1

In an effort to make The Crooked Table a bit more helpful/interactive, I've now added our first-ever video. I found this one on YouTube (what a surprise), and it features the first part of an interview with horror/sci-fi author Lia Scott Price. She discusses her thoughts on the writing process, and I actually agree with much of what she has said. I have yet to check out her website (, but feel free to do so yourself once you check out the video.

Let me know what you think of the video; if it gets a good reception, I'll be happy to post the next part.

Also, if any of you find any cool, writing-related multimedia, please bring it to the Table!

Happy writing,


1 comment:

  1. Good video, if a little short. :) I definitely liked it. Keep them coming.

    I especially agreed with what she said about writing being an outlet for the things we are feeling/questioning/experiencing in real life. Even though I write fantasy/science fiction, I try to make the story about the more than flashy magic and wierd creatures. Its about the characters and what they are trying to sort out, i.e. how to survive when someone is trying to kill them. :) Just joshin'. There are more serious conflicts than that. And even though the story is set in a fictional place, many of the struggles the main character faces are taken from my life. We'll see if anyone else finds them interesting, eh?

    Anyway, good video. :)