Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome to the NEW Table! Pull up a chair...

Fellow writers,

You may have noticed that The Crooked Table doesn't look exactly the same. In fact, it looks much better! That's because - at long last - we have begun making design tweaks. And officially have pushing you to the site!

In short, the wheels are finally in motion to improve our fledgling writer's site. My co-conspirator - The Famous Ashley Grant - and I recently met up to discuss the future of the Table, and I look forward to developing this little pet project of mine over the next several months.

Expect a new logo to appear soon, the announcement of our first OFFICIAL meeting, more regular posts from yours truly, and with any luck, some new, fresh contributors (plus, maybe more than a handful of readers!! LOL!) in the near future. To say that the best of The Crooked Table is still ahead of us is more than a possibility. In fact, it's damn near a certainty.

Although I have loads going on in both my personal and professional lives, I remain committed to not only keeping the Table up and running but helping it to flourish. I really believe that writers out there can benefit from this blog, and I fully intend on seeing through on the vast potential that has laid dormant since I first conceived of The Crooked Table three years ago. 2010 has been a year of tremendous positive changes for me thus far, and I hope to be able to cross "Make The Crooked Table a resounding success" off my year-long to-do list very soon.

However, I need YOUR help to do so. If you're at all interested in getting involved in this fabulous little blog of ours, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at (just put "The Crooked Table" in the subject line). Whether you're a writer looking to contribute, wanting to cross-promote your site with us or simply have a suggestion on how we can make the site better, now is the time to speak up!

The Crooked Table is about to enter the fast lane so get on board before the Table is full!! ;)

Happy writing... you'll hear from me again soon!



  1. This looks like an interesting blog. I will have to visit again later.

    Johnny (Sir John) Ray
    Award winning author
    Poems and Short Stories

  2. I am liking the new layout, and I will keep my eye out for more posts. Bring it!

  3. Definitely want to know when/where this meeting will be at because I will find a way there!