Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hate Craigslist Right Now!!!!

Sorry ya'll just had to vent a little because I'm so tired of writers (and freelance photographers) being screwed!

Freelancers have enough trouble chasing their money and getting writing gigs. Being a freelancer myself I know this all too well. Waited almost 6 months for one check!!!

Sites like Craigslist are really starting to annoy me. Everyday people post links to new writing gigs that offer "great exposure", "article needed" and blah blah blah and every dang one of them says compensation:no pay. This is ridiculous!! Why would any writer send a free article to anyone that is in turn going to use your words for profit? The fact that users of Craigslist expect it all the time is annoying enough, but the fact that there are repeat offenders, including ones that want pieces 2,000 words or more makes me even more upset.

If I'm going to write anything for free it will be because it's on MY website or MY blog and then I'll sign up for frikkin AdWords or sell ads on my site so that if anyone makes money off my work-it will be me!!!

Screw you Mr. No Pay! Any writer with at least 2 clips should be able to get at least a little bit of coin for good work!!!

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