Thursday, June 19, 2008

I write because...

This summer I got a job as a camp counselor at Duke University. The minute that I found out that I could further delay moving back to Tampa my interest was sparked. When I learned that the job package included a free place to stay, meals, and a gym membership the spark grew into a flame. The flame grew into a wildfire when I found out I would be working with the Young Writer's Camp. Well, camp began this week, and I attended the morning gathering of all the writers where they do random writing exercises (good practice for any writer whether young or old). The topic on Monday was "I write because..." We were given 5 minutes to illustrate why we are writers.
Below is my list:
-I write because the words take up too much space in my brain, and when my thumb and forefinger caress the pen my thoughts spread out in blue, black, or purple ink.
-Because no one else could properly tell my life story.
-Because I didn't want you to see my tears, so I let the ink cry for me.
-Because a camera doesn't adequately depict what these thousand words can.
-Because the paper and pen won't judge me.
-Because I want to attain my own level of greatness.
-Because my journal doesn't ever tell me I'm too emotional.
-Because I like to know what I did on this day last year.
-Because everyday whether beautiful or ugly, rainy or sunny is an inspiration.
-Because it's cheaper than going to therapy.
-Because it gives me a reason to chill at Starbucks solo.
-Because words force themselves out when music provides the soundtrack.
-Because the person who loves me will want to read everything I ever wrote it because I wrote it.

Why do you write?

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