Wednesday, April 16, 2008

11 Tips for Better Blogging

Attention bloggers!!! I came across the following list of how to improve your blogging style in (of all places) a textbook for my Multimedia Journalism course. I think they're pretty solid, and I plan on adhering more closely to these tips this summer. Check 'em out... and let me know what you think! :)  


1. A blog entry is a stub (or starter) for conversation.

2. Think about the perspectives of your audience.

3. Write tight headlines that encourage interest.

4. Make points or lists and make them scan-friendly.

5. Link to the context.

6. Quote indirectly and link.

7. Format long documents for print.

8. Never delete anything.

9. Troll the blogosphere for secondary conversation.

10. Be active in your own conversation.

11. Create buzz everywhere.


  1. Very good advice! One I would add (for myself) is use spellcheck! One thing my friends always make fun of me for is me claiming to be a writer when my spelling and grammar are so terrible. Haha.

    But I really like the link ideas. A lot of my friend do that and, being slightly incompetent with computers, I have only just discovered how to do that in the last few months. I know. Its sad.:)

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